Ashasia’s Doom

Things I want to remember August 2013

-Hollysword has a guard who’s sabotaging the experiments.

-The cat can speak in our head (theovald’s dragon cat)

-We didn’t destroy the eggs.

-There’s still a blood fountain down there.

-THe duke has a plan to destroy the eggs. We need to stick around to see the end of that plan.

-We might need to go down there early because hollysword to interfere in the duke’s plan.

-We might need to kill Hollysword’s elves.

Treachery And Bugs
Basic Notes To be edited

Stupid Orbs watching us and attacking us.

Psudo Dragon Cat

Enough eggs too destroy town.

The duke does not trust family Holysword

Captured a bug

Nazier’s flag – Thunder of Nazier Holyleaf’s right hand goblin(noid)

Doth von Valmark Takes old book gives it to Shephard Book
the diary of a “Word Barrer” looking for “The Blade” wanting vengence/honor

Rhogan Dragonite takes potion of healing

Monkey has key

Things I want to remember

Emery’s parents were killed by an Eladrin who is thought to be capturing the goblins and might be in the dig site where the bugs are.

The duke/dig master’s homeland was destroyed. There’s money/favor to be made in finding his parentage/proof of his lineage in helmfast, the destroyed kingdom

We want to explore the temple we found in the desert, find out what happened to the female god…find out what’s there that the snake guys really want

The head group guy is working in our temple, so we can talk to him if needed. What was his name?

His son has infiltrated the duke’s service. Does the duke know? Is he allies with them? Do we care?

The bugs fly.

the fight journal

Dim light .. vinegar …smears arrows goblin (goblins might be killing bugs) def. killing bugs. No goblin corpses …Hear Grinding Of Stone… SEE STAIRS holes in ground humanoid corpses into tunnel…dozen cruthiks fought goblins… Goin in ….keep watch of emery …floating orbs…black skulls in center with banners west wall ,ruble, pillars hold up high ceiling,15-20 ft. Bones in alcoves iron door with carvings of goblins playing and working ..I have a mutual feelings for goblins …dead goblins.. Tunnels of cruthiks ..going down first tunnel my monkey glows with the light of a god I see forty ft in front go in look and get out SAVE THE MONKEY, earth is freshly dug smells fresh see nothing yet going in 15 ft and get out that is the mission.hear movement sound around me back out and tell the party ..( I miss the forest where every thing is pure and makes sense) no progressing into the main chamber past the skulls old and britil not strong enough to stand for advantage… Time to fight ready up..and we fight…doth summons 4 zombies out of the ground and traps one of the big bastards with a curious back the 2 big one strike as much curiosity as it can without hindering my ability to strike there seems to be something moving on their backs Maybe pregnant i miss my first shot this new bow is different then the one I grew up with…the baby bugs have surrounded us they must go down WAS WRONG!!! THE BIG ONES FLY!!!! I draw 2 arrows and with a thunderous boom I explode 2 arrows into 2 little bugs killing them instantly then immediately after the middle sized one caught me off guard plunging into my side I am very hurt now by some power emery heals me completely I move away from the quick guy but not before he got the chance to hit me again I string up 2 arrows and plunge it into the one that hit me it is bleeding terribly another moves by me and I quickly stab it with my dagger I draw another arrow and shoot it straight into the spine of the monster I front of me then I proceed to round the pile of bones I moves around the pillar and shoot an arrow straight through a bug killing the last one


Excerpt from Emry Felleafe’s journal

Field research notes: Lughaidh Thorvoldson brought us a trunk full of goods. From that trunk I took the clasp of Merrshaulk and the coin of the Dark Maiden. It is reasonable to assume that the coin is our id card for the cult.

The dig master (Otir Torygg) works under Duke but is an employee of the university.

At dinner we are informed that Duke is a duke from Helmfast and desires the death of Merrshaulk as much as we do. However his digging crew accidentally unleashed a pestilence that will kill every living being in this town and neighboring areas. Will will clean up his mess and possibly gain aid in our further endeavors.

The dig site has also attracted the followers of Merrshaulk, a hidden goblin enclave and Jamlamin Hollysword. Pelor may give me the opportunity to get my revenge. I will (REMOVED FOR SAKE OF KEEPING A PG RATING. BUT LOTS OF PAIN).

Into the pit, hordes of bugs erupted. The battle was difficult, and we have not even gone into the depths of the pit. Pelor will need to give us strength.

Into the pit of ... Light?
We find friends

Excerpt from Emry Felleafe ’s journal

Field research notes: As Shephard, Leonard, and myself studied the antechamber several things became obvious. This buried temple has something to do with more then a single god. There were several older and less known gods. One in particular, Ayailla (eye-alla) was featured almost always with Pelor. None of us were able to recall much about Ayailla except her name. I must find a decent library and study more.

There was only one scene of Pelor that did not include Ayailla. That was a large door seeming to be the only other way out of the antechamber. The lack of Ayailla here feels almost ominous. I do not know who this goddess is but the builders of this temple thought she should be with Pelor, at least until you enter deeper.

The door appears to be locked by some sort of mechanism.

The rest of the team interrogated the half-snake monster. It turns out that Doth speaks his language. Unfortunately it speaks ours even though it refuses to speak ours. I want to loose it and give it a sword and see my blade wipe that smug look off its face. But that would be too much like celebrating victory, and I have no intention of letting down my guard.

They also recovered what appears to be a brass key from the creature. The key looks as if it would fit into the ominous door. A chill crawls down my spine when I see it. We deiced to keep the key a secret.

Again the thought is to let this vermin loose so I can kill him in fair combat. Again my urge is subdued.

This vermin was part of an organized militant force. When questioned initially he only gave his name, rank and serial number. He is Acolyte 0383. Damn this means more of them with real force. Fortunately we believe he was coming here to open the door for the first time.

It is funny to see that there is a cycle here. The snakes were returning from celebrating their supposed victory over us “apes”. Pelor shines the light on my foolishness, that led me to him. I believe this is a sign that we will bring more people into the glorious sun.

Leonard spends all night studying the antechamber. Marith, and myself stand guard. (It does puzzle me how humans accomplish anything in their short lives since so much of it is spent sleeping. Leonard seemed not to need much, I wonder if there is elvin blood there?)

We arrive at the dig sight / town. It is a busy town with more races passing by me in five minutes then I have seen in my entire life. I believe I have seen every manner of person conceived by the gods.

Shephard and I realize the danger we are in. It is likely that the militant cult has a base of operations in this town. So we launch a plan to get some attention and weed out the snakes. Doth and I are to march the cultist to the Dig master, through the street by sword point.

Shephard, Marith and Rhogar will watch the crowd. They are looking for anyone who seems to know what is going on and instead of showing interest in the spectacle runs to inform someone of what is going on.

Doth and I draw attention and our march becomes a parade as beings shout out “monster” at the creature we escort. The irony of some of these beings calling another race a monster is not lost on me, and I whisper a prayer to Pelor that their hearts are illuminated and find their way to the warmth of his sun.

The dig master is a man who acts as if he runs a military, but has grown soft from a post which feeds him too well. Though he does appear to have a sharp wit and a disciplined crew.

He informs me that only Shephard and Doth rank high enough to actually talk to him, though I am invited to sit in and listen. I understand why he would want Shephard but am left a little confused by the inclusion of Doth.

Shortly after talking with the dig master, Marith leads us to a whore house of some fame. He informs us that an old man left the parade and entered here suspiciously. After discussing a few ideas of how we can get in Shephard informs us that Doth has magic that will let him assume the shape of a rat. So we send him in and scout.

Here I believe Pelor guided us to be his shining light. In the whore house we found a group of exotic looking dark skinned elves. (I believe they may be desert dwelling elves.) They seem to follow a lesser known deity. By all guesses this deity seems to be good.

One of the servants of this cult was an attractive dark skinned elven whore. This makes me sad that they would ask one of their members to whore herself out in order to preserve their secrecy. Here I intend to help show this vision the light of Pelor, and a better way.

Their misguided choice of a hiding place is no more thanks to our misunderstanding of their intentions. Pelor’s light will guide them to a better place, where they should not need to hide like a rat.

Into the den of Snakes
Into the den and out with hope

Excerpt from Emry Felleafe ’s journal

Pelor the all illuminating sun brought about that storm so that we may find shelter in the den of snakes. Here his light was much more necessary then upon the desert sand. The cult had wormed its way deep beneath that rock, digging for some unknown purpose.

Weeding out the snakes was a trivial task. The real reason Pelor sent us was the conversion of a follower and a traitor…

Lions and kittens
Kittens attack a pack of lions leaving possible evidence of a traitor

Excerpt from Emry Felleafe ’s journal

I believe we have a traitor in our midst. He was overheard talking about the serpent god. When I heard this my soul cried for blood and it was hard not to cut the vermin down on site. When questioned he produced a believable story, but I saw through his lies. I found my hand gripping my sword even though I resisted a snarl from showing on my face. I cannot cut him down until evidence is produced.

I do not believe it was coincidence that bandits attacked us that very night. Several scorpions attacked guided by a couple of humans. It was a case of Kittens attacking Lions. We slew all but one human.

Pelor sated my need for blood and provided me with proof of our traitor’s actions. When the prisoner indicates the traitor he will be dealt with by the appropriate authorities.


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