Ashasia’s Doom


Excerpt from Emry Felleafe’s journal

Field research notes: Lughaidh Thorvoldson brought us a trunk full of goods. From that trunk I took the clasp of Merrshaulk and the coin of the Dark Maiden. It is reasonable to assume that the coin is our id card for the cult.

The dig master (Otir Torygg) works under Duke but is an employee of the university.

At dinner we are informed that Duke is a duke from Helmfast and desires the death of Merrshaulk as much as we do. However his digging crew accidentally unleashed a pestilence that will kill every living being in this town and neighboring areas. Will will clean up his mess and possibly gain aid in our further endeavors.

The dig site has also attracted the followers of Merrshaulk, a hidden goblin enclave and Jamlamin Hollysword. Pelor may give me the opportunity to get my revenge. I will (REMOVED FOR SAKE OF KEEPING A PG RATING. BUT LOTS OF PAIN).

Into the pit, hordes of bugs erupted. The battle was difficult, and we have not even gone into the depths of the pit. Pelor will need to give us strength.


This was actually really awesome to read.

RolandDurandal bagheer

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