Ashasia’s Doom

Lions and kittens

Kittens attack a pack of lions leaving possible evidence of a traitor

Excerpt from Emry Felleafe ’s journal

I believe we have a traitor in our midst. He was overheard talking about the serpent god. When I heard this my soul cried for blood and it was hard not to cut the vermin down on site. When questioned he produced a believable story, but I saw through his lies. I found my hand gripping my sword even though I resisted a snarl from showing on my face. I cannot cut him down until evidence is produced.

I do not believe it was coincidence that bandits attacked us that very night. Several scorpions attacked guided by a couple of humans. It was a case of Kittens attacking Lions. We slew all but one human.

Pelor sated my need for blood and provided me with proof of our traitor’s actions. When the prisoner indicates the traitor he will be dealt with by the appropriate authorities.


RolandDurandal RolandDurandal

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