Ashasia’s Doom

the fight journal

Dim light .. vinegar …smears arrows goblin (goblins might be killing bugs) def. killing bugs. No goblin corpses …Hear Grinding Of Stone… SEE STAIRS holes in ground humanoid corpses into tunnel…dozen cruthiks fought goblins… Goin in ….keep watch of emery …floating orbs…black skulls in center with banners west wall ,ruble, pillars hold up high ceiling,15-20 ft. Bones in alcoves iron door with carvings of goblins playing and working ..I have a mutual feelings for goblins …dead goblins.. Tunnels of cruthiks ..going down first tunnel my monkey glows with the light of a god I see forty ft in front go in look and get out SAVE THE MONKEY, earth is freshly dug smells fresh see nothing yet going in 15 ft and get out that is the mission.hear movement sound around me back out and tell the party ..( I miss the forest where every thing is pure and makes sense) no progressing into the main chamber past the skulls old and britil not strong enough to stand for advantage… Time to fight ready up..and we fight…doth summons 4 zombies out of the ground and traps one of the big bastards with a curious back the 2 big one strike as much curiosity as it can without hindering my ability to strike there seems to be something moving on their backs Maybe pregnant i miss my first shot this new bow is different then the one I grew up with…the baby bugs have surrounded us they must go down WAS WRONG!!! THE BIG ONES FLY!!!! I draw 2 arrows and with a thunderous boom I explode 2 arrows into 2 little bugs killing them instantly then immediately after the middle sized one caught me off guard plunging into my side I am very hurt now by some power emery heals me completely I move away from the quick guy but not before he got the chance to hit me again I string up 2 arrows and plunge it into the one that hit me it is bleeding terribly another moves by me and I quickly stab it with my dagger I draw another arrow and shoot it straight into the spine of the monster I front of me then I proceed to round the pile of bones I moves around the pillar and shoot an arrow straight through a bug killing the last one


RolandDurandal bagheer

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