Ashasia’s Doom

Things I want to remember

Emery’s parents were killed by an Eladrin who is thought to be capturing the goblins and might be in the dig site where the bugs are.

The duke/dig master’s homeland was destroyed. There’s money/favor to be made in finding his parentage/proof of his lineage in helmfast, the destroyed kingdom

We want to explore the temple we found in the desert, find out what happened to the female god…find out what’s there that the snake guys really want

The head group guy is working in our temple, so we can talk to him if needed. What was his name?

His son has infiltrated the duke’s service. Does the duke know? Is he allies with them? Do we care?

The bugs fly.


The name of the dwarf working in the temple is Thorvald.

Things I want to remember
RolandDurandal bagheer

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