Catherine Raros

A tall and lithe dark skinned elf with brilliantly white eyes and silver, waist length hair.


Catherine Raros, or “Kitty” is a dancer at a very reputable establishment. While she is a regular dancer and singer, she very rarely engages in other lines of work for the establishment. On occasion she will entertain Eladrin and Wild Elves, but refuses the company of High Elves. She has been a regular member of the establishment for many years. The rumors suggest that she is the personal friend of the establishment and is personally in charge of the safety of the other, more gainfully employed members.
One of the dancers was murdered almost a year ago by an angry patron who later disappeared after being seen with Kitty in a run down inn.
Catherine Raros does not go out in public, so people wishing to see her must go to the establishment. Diamonds, especially expensive ones, are known to catch her attention.


Catherine Raros

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