Trevor Pearson

Middle aged with a well trimmed beard.


Trevor Pearson is over worked. The addition of a Yuan-Ti to Sio has not helped his workload. The break in to the safe house entrance has only served to vex his position even more. Trevor Pearson is in need of a vacation.
At one time in his live, Trevor was a member of the cult of Merrshaulk. Some would say this is what has made him a valuable contact in Sio while others would point out that he is a liability to the cause. Say what you will, Trevor is well respected by the hard laborers and transient community in Sio. He has labored with the “council” to fund a food house for the poor and gives regularly to organizations that help the downtrodden, such as the temple of Pelor and Moradin.
Trevor, while being of average height, is in excellent physical health for his age. He is dark skinned and bald, save for the neatly cropped beard, and wears well tailored but simple clothing which fits loosely over his body. He has been in Sio for a year, since the destruction of the Northern Kingdom.


Trevor Pearson

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