Breath of Burgad

A sturdy square shield depicting anthropomorphic clouds blowing down on warriors from the heavens.


A bronze shield, square in fabrication, which has lost its color. The images decorating the front of the shield show angry clouds in the dexter chief blowing down on soldiers in the sinister base. Other images are present in the sinister chief and dexter base, but they are difficult to make out as it seems they have been rubbed off possibly from constant use.
The inside field of the shield is inscribed with a poem, long since rubbed away. The only words that can be deciphered are “…breath…Burgad…”.

Bashing Shield (Level 5)
Item Slot: Arms
Power: Daily, free action
Use this power when you hit an enemy with a melee attack. Push the enemy 1d4 squares after applying the attack’s effects.

Price: 1,000 gp


Breath of Burgad

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