Macabre Masquerade

Skeleton mask which causes others to worry


Nazir’s Macabre Masquerade (Level 5)
Item Slot: Head
Property: Enemies who can see you take a -2 penalty to saving throws against fear effects.
Property: Gain resist 5 necrotic, and a +1 item bonus to intimidate checks


With cord and clasp, the skull of some unfortunate victim has become a decoration for the macabre tastes of a bygone age. The mask in question appears to have been made from the front part of some strange humanoid. The frontal bone is longer than most humanoids, the upper jaw is similarly elongated with an elongated and narrow nasal cavity. There is no lower jaw to accompany this mask, which is very fortunate as the upper jaw, including teeth, extends beyond the chin of a grown man.
The skull mask is clean and yellowed, whereas the teeth are a brilliant white. The inside of the mask is built up with padding and covered with a soft fabric to allow for a snug, yet comfortable fit upon most humanoids. The padding can also be adjusted slightly to accommodate the different facial structures of potential wearers. Close inspection of the bone reveals the mask to be quite sturdy, almost like iron.
There are several cords, each with a finely wrought clasp, to allow the mask to be secured to the wearer’s head which prevent it from slipping around or even falling off. The cords are attached at grommet points which can be adapted to fit over the face of a helm.

Macabre Masquerade

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