Excerpted from Randolf von Kirk’s Bestiary

The Cruthik is a vile bug like creature. While not technically an insect it does classify as an insectoid. These creatures live in colonies (size ranges for the colonies are currently unknown). The colonies slowly grow outward from their center stripping all life in a methodical way.

When a Cruthik is killed it gives off an unpleasant odor of rancid vinegar. I have noticed that if the scent is strong enough it seems to drive them away. This may be some kind of warning device letting other Cruthik know of potential danger.

Below is a sketch of a hatchling I was able to observe.

Hatchling kruthik

Baby Cruthiks are extremely weak requiring only a single swat to kill.

The adults have wings and can fly.

All Cruthiks have an aura (chittering horde) that deals damage to all that stand next to them.

Notes in the margins

We need to record their will, reflex, hp, ac, etc.

I think it’s all around 15/16 or so, from what I can tell. The medium bugs have HP greater than 30, for sure. I think more like 40.


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